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Wellness is a Choice.

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Wholesale CBD Simplified.

Wellness is a Choice.

Make Yours Today.

Wholesale CBD Simplified.

U.S. Grown Hemp

Grown and manufactured right here in the USA. Brielle keeps it local.

Third Party Lab Tested

Brielle believes in transparency. That’s why we 3rd party lab test EVERYTHING!


We utilize water-soluble CBD, which is approximately 4.5x more bioavailable than the oil-soluble form

Wholesale CBD Made Easy

We streamline CBD so you can spend your time growing your business. Businesses who partner with Brielle earn a 2.4X ROI, which equates to $16,800 extra yearly profit per location.

100% Organically Grown US Hemp


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3rd Party Lab Testing

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Product Reviews

As a nurse, I’m constantly on my feet and often experience a lot of work-related stress. I’ve been battling Plantar fasciitis and chronic back pain since my late 20s with only minimal and temporary relief through medications and physical therapy. However, I’ve recently noticed that using CBD daily is the most effective way to combat both my physical pain and mental strain. I’ve been trying to transition to more natural remedies when possible but tend to be skeptical about new treatments. I am glad that I gave CBD a chance because my stress, anxiety, and pain have improved considerably since. As a firm believer in the benefits of CBD, Brielle gets two thumbs up from me! :)

Kelly Risinger

I LOVE this CBD oil! Going into my first semester of nursing school I was really nervous about how I was going to manage the inevitable stress of having an intense workload and busy schedule. I’ve tried CBD in the past, but I was honestly blown away by the quality of Brielle’s oil! Taking it before a study session relieved a TON of anxiety. I’ve also noticed I can fall asleep faster and feel more rested in the morning if I take a few drops before bed.

Jamie Hamblin

Starting with the taste, it tasted very natural and healthy without the overpowering hemp flavor I was anticipating. I like to mix it in my coffee, protein shake or enjoy it straight. The potency seemed to be much much higher than other brands that I’ve tried. A number of my friends really like this CBD Oil too! I’m trying to get more coffee shops near me to start selling it! One other thing I noticed is that this CBD Oil mixes really well into drinks. The CBD that I’ve tried at other coffee shops tends to just sit and not mix well which makes for a nasty gulp. Brielle’s CBD mixes right into the drink! I fricken love it.

Danielle Thompson

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